Self-studying Vietnamese


Have you ever been in a country where you actually can touch the nature by your own hands? Just imagine that all of high buildings, cars and noise from the city are disappearing in front of your eyes. And now, a little playful wind gently covers you with a cool “silky” coat. While you are trying to get your eyes used to the green color from those coconut trees, your stomach’s just dancing around with the delicious smell from every different kinds of Asian fresh foods. You don’t have time to wonder where you are because there is already a friendly person greets you with a really warm smile. And, here you are, Vietnam – the place which gave birth to me ^_^.

I am Vietnamese and I love my language ^_^. Maybe you may hear that Vietnamese is a difficult language to learn. However, I don't think so ^_^. Don't believe in me ^_^? How about......

Let's learn Vietnamese together ^_^.

I have created the full series called as Self-Studying Vietnamese on Youtube ^_^. Maybe some of you already knew about that ^_^. But let's start everything at the beginning so that everyone, who are new to Vietnamese, can study with us as well ^_^.

For all of those lessons, I did not use any book or other references like that ^_^. I created them with my own way ^_^. Hope you all will like it ^_^.

This page is created so that everyone can make friends world-wide and also this is a place where you all can come with all of your questions while you are self-studying Vietnamese ^_^.

Lastly, I am really thankful for all of your supports from before, now and later on ^_^. Every messages or mails or comments you all post on Youtube or my all Facebook, I already read all of them and remember nearly every single word ^_^. I'm really happy to receive all of your kindness ^_^. I'm also very sorry if I couldn't answer every single of the comments (but I read all of them for sure ^_^)....but still I am really sure that I already answered every single question you all sent to me ^_^.

Hope that we all can become nice friends ^_^.

Best wishes to everyone ^_^.

Welcome to Self-studying Vietnamese