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Hi everyone ^_^,

This forum is a public place for everyone, who is interested in studying Vietnamese ^_^.

As you all know that studying a new language is not easy. It always requires us to spend a lot of efforts and time to get fluent in any new language. Thus, I hope that we all can respect each other.

There will not be many rules but it's just that before posting any new topic or reply, please think about the feeling of the ones, who will read your post. And also, please do not use any bad language, even in English or Vietnamese.

I hope that we all will find this site is a useful place to make new friends and have fun while studying Vietnamese ^_^.

Welcome to Self-studying Vietnamese official site ^_^.

p.s. Sorry for my bad English....I'm still trying to improve my English days by days ^_^.

Hope everyone have a nice day ^_^.

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